** Note: Project was executed by GIS APP (prop. firm) now known as GIS APP Consultancy Services (P) Ltd

    2018 Birla White Cement
    Volume estimation of excavated minerals with respect to temporal difference using drone survey .
    2018 Jain Irrigation Ltd.
    Consumer survey for 24/7 Water Suppy Scheme to assess the quality, quantity, purpose and existing infrastructure of water connections. Survey was conducted using GIS based Mobile APP and Web based management system for reporting & progress monitoring for part-Pune City (50,000 building units)
    2018 Jain Irrigation Ltd.
    Road network survey for distance of 550 KM using DGPS and Total station . Preparation of road network in GIS format as a deliverable.
    2018-2019 Jain Irrigation Ltd.
    Existing utility survey and Ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey for pipeline network of 753 KM in Pune City. Preparation of pipeline network in GIS format as a deliverable.
    2018-19 MARS Consultancy
    Creation of GIS base map and GIS web portal for city planning covering Mussorie and Dehradun developement authority project area for 2035 development plan
    2017-18 Pavetech Consultancy
    GIS based road condition and asset mapping for road asset management system project for Pune Smart City Developement Corporation Ltd. for road lenght of 2400 KM. System is used for better budget allocation and planning of road development works in city limits.
    2015-2018 Ultratech Cement Ltd.
    Framework contract for integration of minining lease area and sites into GIS web based land resources MIS.
    DGPS survey of mining lease areas to demarcate boundaries on ground.
    Digitization of revenue maps, land use land cover, mining lease area and plans
    Customization of ArcGIS server and centrlized reporting module for land resources monitoring
    2013 ** Maharashtra State Farming Corp.
    Govt. of Maharashtra
    Identification and classification of agriculture plots for the sake of retention and distribution in Maharashtra State
    2013 ** CAMPA, Forest Dept.
    Govt. of Maharashtra
    Geo-referencing of Cartosat-1 Satellite images of four districts of Maharashtra
    Note: This project was executed by GIS APP (prop. firm), now known as GIS APP Consultancy Services (P) Ltd
    2013 ** Private Company Site suitability analysis for identification of groundwater recharge zones and water quality analysis in sub basins of Bhima river in Pune District.
    2013 ** Private Company Preparation of GIS database of stream network of Upper Bhima basin for Flood analysis of the basin.
    2013 ** IGDC, Tripura Georeferencing of vectorize Cadastre of 70 IGDC project revenue villages (mouja) of Tripura
    2018 L&T ECC Ltd. Design, development and support of GIS based Mobile APP and Web reporting application for consumer survey of 24/7 water supply in Pune City. Software used to collect information of >300,000 building units.
    2017-18 Recktronic Devices and Systems Ltd. Development and implementation of ArcGIS server based Web portal of land asset managment system for INS Shivaji.
    2016 Microware Computing&Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Design and development of GIS based web portal for management of health facility data of Chattisgarh State under Natioanl Health Mission programme supported UNICEF. WebGIS serves purpose of asset management of health assesst.
    2013 ** Private Company Plugin in QGIS for downloading tiles from WMS layer
    2014 ** Working Plan- West, Forest Dept.
    Govt. of Mahrashtra
    5 days workshop. Introduction to basics of GIS and Remote Sensing. Operational training on QGIS software. more...
    2014-2015 UNIQUE forestry and land use, Germany Consultancy framework contract for support services
    - Supporting carbon projects validation and verification
    - Designing carbon monitoring systems
    - Developing data collection, management and reporting softwares
    2017 AP Engineers/AFCONS India Ltd. 3D animation movie to visualize the construction process of cable stayed bridge and under ground road tunnel using scaled GIS data